THE GREAT BREATH re-awakening your spirit in you...
THE GREAT BREATH          re-awakening  your spirit in you...

Sharing this site with one person today will raise your vibration, the planets vibration, and your friends vibration, a good deed to do today. Yoga Of Mind & Heart... The Great

Every moment is a new moment of creative change a new expression of Me which you help to create "The Great Breath" 

" I will pierce the darkeness in you and around you, with my Brilliant Stare.   I will illuminate that shadow part of Me that is hiding, so great is its sleep but I AM patent, you will see I have forever to prefect this Dream, you live in, you will see, you will understand.   I promise, soon, go softly...respect, trust, love."


Where to Find "Me"

"Would you believe in yourself and in others I Am all around you as The Great Breath ....Introduction.... " In these words here...if you read them every day, and spend 3 to 5 minutes of time in contemplation of "ME" in any way you can imagine, I will grow in you My undrestanding of Me. Here you will find a path to Me and I will meet you at the half way mark and take you the rest of the way Home, I promise you."...... NOTICE THIS...DON'T BE A STRANGER HERE, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT TO "ME," COME BACK OFTEN , BEFORE YOU LEAVE, LOOK AROUND ON HERE, THERE IS (ARE) IMPORTANT MESSAGES HERE FOR YOU. PLEASE DON'T GET LOST AGAIN, I NEED YOU TO HELP "ME" FIND OUR CHILDREN HERE, ON EARTH...WELL...ENJOY YOUR DAY OR NIGHT, YOUR LIFE, BE SAFE. RESPECT FIRST ALL THAT YOU SEE, AND THE REST WiLL FOLLOW...I LOVE YOU, I WILL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU WHILE YOU ARE AWAY AND PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH, MORE LIGHT IS ALL-WAYS GOOD. PEACE BE STILL AND KNOW WE ARE ONE...IN JOY I am an open channel of 30 yrs, open by the Grace of Source. This material is here to help you in your search for your truth. This is just my humble contribution to this mystery, my journey to share my experience which may help you in your search. This is just one of Its Voices, of many, speaking to you, speaking to your truth.

Meditation for Cellular Health........Note:  This meditation will assist your cellular health and as an added bonus will promote longevity.  This meditation is for those who meditate on a regular basis, as it has a cleansing effect on our DNA that relates directly to the upcoming 2013 dimensional shift.  It is suggested to drink as much water as you can ( safe amount of water, if you are under a doctors care, please ask about your water consumption) each time you prepare to use this meditation and make sure you get extra rest if you feel the need beforehand.  Keep the mindset within your consciousness focused on achieving vibrant health and well-being.  This is also to prepare you for the coming shift in frequency and vibration where there will be no death as we have looked upon it before as a finality to the human drama, and as we move away from the ancient third dimensional way of thinking and move on into higher frequencies and movements into newer dimensional playgrounds, and on to discovering our true light bodies harboring our souls.  


From this we will then come to the Self-realization there is no death; just a movement into higher states of Beingness, and of leaving our past human existece behind as if it was 'but a dream some of us had' on the way to experience Spirit in its finest form with all of its myriad of experiences carefully tucked away in the computerized chambers of the brain of mind/man in some kind of cosmic drama lived out as real while trapped in the dream state referred to as the third dimensional frequency where all paths from there eventually teach us "Who In Fact We Really Are."  We are in fact, the gods and goddesses who originated from the one true source of All There Is taking with us the minute particle of that Cosmic God Essence and because we are always part of that creative force we automatically have the capability to heal our own Selves/Souls with the understanding that all Divine Beings should not die because of cellular disorders and other 'blemishes' that attach themselves to the human condition.


The following medition will be beneficial in doing as we move back towards our natural state of immortality and move from the hypnotic trance-like amnesia state we once remaind in for most of our mortal lives

Meditation for Cellular Health and Vitality



1.  Find a quiet place away from telephoned and othe kinds of interruptions and stand erect in a vertical position with feet 24 to 36" apart, at a ditance where you can feel comfortably balanced with hands at your side.  Or sit supported in a straight backed chair with feet apart, spine erect and hands turned upward on the lap or legs.


2.  Begin by talking 3-5 deep breaths and simply let the body relax while you mentally release any interfering thoughts entering the mind.  After the mindless chatter is cleared away, begain focusing the mind on Love; love to the Creator and all those who assist humanity.  Give thanks to your soul and your spiritual consciousness.


3.  Say to yourself quietly or out loud with sincere feeling: "I Am the  eternal spiritual essence 

God created me to be.  I Am, I Am, I Am."  Do this up to fifteen times.  And at least once, energize this statement:  "To the fullest extent possible; I take charge of my life today."


4.  Raise your arms over the head and acknowledge that you are willing to recieve the Healing Pipeline energy that is open and available to you for continued health and well-being.  Say either to self or out loud: "Fill me with the Infinite creator's Love, Truth, and Creativity."  Form your hands into a cup-like chalice of fairly large size, and feel the energy bgin to gather inside your hands.  wait briefly until you can actually feel the energy or imagine that it is gathering in your hands.



Aboundance of Creative Healing Life Force


       Recieve.......the... Joy...the...Love...the...Forgiveness...Your intermost dream...Your complete perfect Self...your sweet innocent inner child that you are...say hello how are you..lets play...its a beautiful day..... 



5.  Lower your arms so the ball of energy gathered rests up against your heart area.  Use your mind to place a ball of energy inside your heart and imagine it as a pure white glistening globe of whatever size you can imagine, but leave it hollow on the inside.  Say to yourself or out loud, "I request a safe place for this healing energy to heal my cells of ant belief they maintain of illness or physical disease."  Do this request of your Divine Self up to fifteen times for greater emphasis.  If an aera of the body becomes uncomfortable at any time, especially the heart area, stop, breath and relax.


6.  Lower your arms as you feel, sense or imagine the hollow globe of healing light inside your chest area expanding inward into a stream of energy that moves up and down an inner corridor or tube, stretching from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.


7.  Intend or see the LIGHT moving out from this central tube and spraying every cella, organ and body system inside the physicsal structure.  Say out loud or to Self: I Am now healing any present or past health conditions, and this healing will stay with me for the next six months after which time the Divine forces within my own Self will take over and continue with the healing keeping me healthy, well and whole again." 


Picture a myraid of Light particles totally filling every cell in the body.  Be generous with the healing energy spraying and feel the cells renew and joyfully receive this light of All there Is.

As this action of healing, healing, healing is done, feel the movement and expansion and brightening as the White Light penetrates all the cells.  Continue on for several minutes or until you wish to stop.  If there is any discomfort, stop, breathe and relax.   Joy be with you.





Paul Shockley interpreter.   (Opening Message, CAC General Reading, March 25, 1994)


How Meditation and Visualizations Affect Others


This Awareness indicates that this as related to the neutrino, a subparticle in the atom.  This Awareness indicates that neutrinos are substances within the atom, or atomic level which are responsive to consciousness, and which are carriers of attitudes and informaion from atom to atom, at a speed similar to that of the speed of light, but this as even faster than speed of light.


This Awareness indicates that this neutrino is as that which may be thought as a kind of link between consciousness and matter on the atomic level, and as that which assists in those tyoes of phenomena known as telepathy, clairaudiance and clairvoyance.   This Awareness indicates that entities in a state of meditation essentially, are through certain sensitivities, becoming more close to neutrino in their conscious levels as well as their levels.   That bridging the gap between conscious and physical, as linking through the nutrino, is that which allows entities to gain certain types of psychic power of force which can be used for influencing mind over matter, or for reading information associated with material events, even at a distance.

The Most Effective Form of Meditation

This Awareness indicates that it is this action of meditation which brings about that contact with the neutrino and allows for this type of psychic energy to increase within an entity's consciousness.

This Awareness indicates that the particular types of meditation may vary; that some are more effective than others.   This Awareness indicates that the most important and effective form of meditation is attitude of oneness, or universal Love, and entities who have this attitude throughout their lives are in a state of continuous meditation.   This Awareness indicates however, that it is not always easy to simply assume a state of universal love, and therefore it may be necessary for entities to move into attentive meditation whereby they set aside portions of time to tune in to spiritual and 

universal experiences, of the focus and concentration on the Light, on the inner Light and sound current associated with that, and those qualities associatd with universal love, such as the 

Christ Conciousness.


This Awarness indicates that Love itself is an action comprised of both radiance and magnetism, and an attitude of well-being.   This quality, when commingled with the neutrino, then spreads from the entity, or the consciousness perceiving that quality, out into other areas of the universe and is enhanced by other areas through the neutrino, which in turn assists those in other areas to recievean increase in the volume of Love qualities carried by those neutrinos in their area.   


This Awareness indicates that through meditation, on concepts of Light and Love, it is possible for entities to transmute any forms of negativity, or any form of vibrations which could be used in a negative manner, so that these vibrations are used in a more constructive manner.   This Awarness indicates that the same energies which lead one entityto behave in a barbaric manner, causing great conflict and destruction, may be used by another entity to give the force and power, the incentive and push to do something which bwcomes very meaningful and valuable to others.


This Awareness indicates therefore, entities may begin to better understand the nature and purpose nd value of meditation in dealing with the conveyance of attitude and energies through the neutrino.

Everyone Should Meditate Daily...setting aside time...having a time of solitude.


This Awareness wishes to remind entites of the importance of setting aside a certain amount of time, preferably on a daily basis, for meditationg, still there is also a particular value in setting aside time 

whereby one finds a place of solitude and simply meditates on silence, and on consciousness itself.


This Awareness indicates that it is not of great importance whether an entity sits in a traditional 

meditation position, such as lotus position suggested by many, or whether the entity lies fla in bed.  

This Awareness indicates however, it is important that the entity be comfortable and have a time of solitude whereby the entity ia not distracted by physical position or external influences.


This Awareness indicates the purpose of keeping the spine straight is so that the entity,while remaining in a relatively relaxed position is still consciously alert, and not inclined to fall asleep.   

This Awareness indicates that the value of the time spent in meditation, taken away from other activities, is that which gives forth greather lessings than would be lost when entities sped hours often pursuing useless activities.


This Awareness indicates that those moments can be of a great value in balancing the aura, this as similar to what would occur from a vitalizing acupuncture teatmnt to enhance one's energy.


This Awareness indicates that a regular period set aside for meditation can be benefical in both physical and spiritual values.


cont.....Meditation II

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