THE GREAT BREATH re-awakening your spirit in you...
THE GREAT BREATH          re-awakening  your spirit in you...

Sharing this site with one person today will raise your vibration, the planets vibration, and your friends vibration, a good deed to do today. Yoga Of Mind & Heart... The Great

Every moment is a new moment of creative change a new expression of Me which you help to create "The Great Breath" 

" I will pierce the darkeness in you and around you, with my Brilliant Stare.   I will illuminate that shadow part of Me that is hiding, so great is its sleep but I AM patent, you will see I have forever to prefect this Dream, you live in, you will see, you will understand.   I promise, soon, go softly...respect, trust, love."


Where to Find "Me"

"Would you believe in yourself and in others I Am all around you as The Great Breath ....Introduction.... " In these words here...if you read them every day, and spend 3 to 5 minutes of time in contemplation of "ME" in any way you can imagine, I will grow in you My undrestanding of Me. Here you will find a path to Me and I will meet you at the half way mark and take you the rest of the way Home, I promise you."...... NOTICE THIS...DON'T BE A STRANGER HERE, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT TO "ME," COME BACK OFTEN , BEFORE YOU LEAVE, LOOK AROUND ON HERE, THERE IS (ARE) IMPORTANT MESSAGES HERE FOR YOU. PLEASE DON'T GET LOST AGAIN, I NEED YOU TO HELP "ME" FIND OUR CHILDREN HERE, ON EARTH...WELL...ENJOY YOUR DAY OR NIGHT, YOUR LIFE, BE SAFE. RESPECT FIRST ALL THAT YOU SEE, AND THE REST WiLL FOLLOW...I LOVE YOU, I WILL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU WHILE YOU ARE AWAY AND PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH, MORE LIGHT IS ALL-WAYS GOOD. PEACE BE STILL AND KNOW WE ARE ONE...IN JOY I am an open channel of 30 yrs, open by the Grace of Source. This material is here to help you in your search for your truth. This is just my humble contribution to this mystery, my journey to share my experience which may help you in your search. This is just one of Its Voices, of many, speaking to you, speaking to your truth.

"Surrender to the expansion"


                                           Quotes from The Great Breath

 " If you were to know ME once, I would never be forgotten"


 " If I were but to know YOU once, I would know YOU forever"

 ----------------------                                                                                                                Poems

"I reveal My Self  in humankind,  I reveal My Self as My Own Creation"    




So I asked the star "Why are you so far away" and the star said "You could not see me or my beauty less you stood from afar"........cont............

Whats God look Like?  "Look around you"                                                            


"You here yet?" 


"Your lower self is using your intelect to pierce the veil of your illusion of seperation from Me, your intelect will only take you to the door steps of infinity"                         


"now is the time, the only time there IS"


"Love Me as you love the things that make you happy,

Know it to be MY Joy you feel !"                                                                            "YOU ARE MY DREAM"


"Sun Rise brillent, disappears !  An eclipse of Realities takes control                                 

And to my surpries IT bears my soul"

"All those things I thought I was, now fall from me                                                                  

Like clothes before ones making Love."


"Your belief that you know whats true is hampering your KNOWING whats TRUE,  My Truth your Truth, our Truth"


"Your body is pleasure My temple of life, of Joy, respect your physical of Me"


"Read here these words every day, in contemplation of ME, and slowly, ever so gently, I will find you, and take you to ME, and you will not be lost again.  I Promise"


"The wonderment of Love is in the sharing of two hearts"


"BE greatful to "ME" when you see, feel beauty, for to reconize beauty, is to know 'ME', as you, you Enjoying "ME", IN Joying each Other.


I see a new love which I've secretly known forever, that I see every where, but can not touch, only but with my heart, and not with my embrace


Love can recognise Love as Gods beauty in form, so its joyful to aknowledage IT in ones self, it makes Gods heart sing


I place my life at your feet so I may see where you may lead me to be and do


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