THE GREAT BREATH re-awakening your spirit in you...
THE GREAT BREATH          re-awakening  your spirit in you...

Sharing this site with one person today will raise your vibration, the planets vibration, and your friends vibration, a good deed to do today. Yoga Of Mind & Heart... The Great

Every moment is a new moment of creative change a new expression of Me which you help to create "The Great Breath" 

" I will pierce the darkeness in you and around you, with my Brilliant Stare.   I will illuminate that shadow part of Me that is hiding, so great is its sleep but I AM patent, you will see I have forever to prefect this Dream, you live in, you will see, you will understand.   I promise, soon, go softly...respect, trust, love."


Where to Find "Me"

"Would you believe in yourself and in others I Am all around you as The Great Breath ....Introduction.... " In these words here...if you read them every day, and spend 3 to 5 minutes of time in contemplation of "ME" in any way you can imagine, I will grow in you My undrestanding of Me. Here you will find a path to Me and I will meet you at the half way mark and take you the rest of the way Home, I promise you."...... NOTICE THIS...DON'T BE A STRANGER HERE, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT TO "ME," COME BACK OFTEN , BEFORE YOU LEAVE, LOOK AROUND ON HERE, THERE IS (ARE) IMPORTANT MESSAGES HERE FOR YOU. PLEASE DON'T GET LOST AGAIN, I NEED YOU TO HELP "ME" FIND OUR CHILDREN HERE, ON EARTH...WELL...ENJOY YOUR DAY OR NIGHT, YOUR LIFE, BE SAFE. RESPECT FIRST ALL THAT YOU SEE, AND THE REST WiLL FOLLOW...I LOVE YOU, I WILL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU WHILE YOU ARE AWAY AND PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS THE TRUTH, MORE LIGHT IS ALL-WAYS GOOD. PEACE BE STILL AND KNOW WE ARE ONE...IN JOY I am an open channel of 30 yrs, open by the Grace of Source. This material is here to help you in your search for your truth. This is just my humble contribution to this mystery, my journey to share my experience which may help you in your search. This is just one of Its Voices, of many, speaking to you, speaking to your truth.

                                            The Now Time


Since My reason for this planet is for it, to function as a freely creative expression and exploration of My Own Potential, in a setting of the illusion of contrast, to expand My understanding of who I Am, I allowed aspects of My Self to fall into an amnesia like sleep.

This illusion of separation from Me, from the Light, as a shadow of My Self, to serve My Desire to expand My Infinite Expression.  At a point in this Dream, the point we are now, on this planet, Earth, these aspects of My Self, My sleeping shadow parts, were to awaken and return to wholeness and into the Light.  With reconciliation, and readjustment to the Light for a new expansion of Me.  Some have not awaken as of yet, this is a very complex matter to put into words, but My efforts none the less will have a postive impact on your understanding on this matter.


So here we are, on planet Earth as one such place where to act and choose freely is allowed, for souls to incarnate as humans,  the predominate species as aspects of Me, some of you, awaken with love, compassion, having these centers as your focus of  action and some of you, Me, chose to contrast those aspects with inner satisfaction as the main focus. When the predominat aspects of your society awaken and actualize Love and compasion as the leading focus of ones life, peace will prevail.  I know for some  this may not be possible now, but dear ones its time to move on, the experiment in contrast has served its purpose, it is finished in My Eye.  Not all of the incarnated souls on your planet, walking here as humans... are not as you understand humans to be, they do not  have  love and compassion as a main expression to action, even still the spark  is there, hidden.  This was allowed as a Mystery unto Myself, unto My Own understanding for expansion of Me.


Trust Me when I say, change and peace will come soon.  The sleepy ones must awaken or they must go elsewhere.  See and watch what the sleepy ones do, not what they say, ask these questions:  have their actions served for the better-

ment of human life, or have their actions distoryed  human life and wellbeing.  You must see this, its your lessons to learn and quikly please.  You who have a Heart, awaken your Wisdom, there is no peace in waging war, no justice in killing your fellow breath breathers, no Compassion in death from the sky,  there is no freedom in not allowing you, the freedom to protect your love ones and yourself.  Beware of their tricks for they are  very clever.


My awaken light will prevail, on earth, as we speak, each day is brighter because of you.  Let the Light shine ever so brilliant, so you may choose clearly  where to go, into the light or  to hide in the shadows.

I Am watching, peace, be still and know that we are ONE.



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